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Armstrong Bristow Farley &  Schwarzschild
A Professional Limited Liability Company

About Us

We created Armstrong Bristow Farley & Schwarzschild PLC with the simple goal of giving our clients the best of both worlds – sophisticated advice combined with personal service. All of our professionals have experience in large law and/or accounting firms, and we continue to provide the same experienced advice that our clients enjoyed in a large law firm setting but with the personal attention that we can provide in a small, specialized firm.

Armstrong Bristow Farley & Schwarzschild PLC was formed on July 1, 2005 by Michael Armstrong and John Bristow, both of whom practiced for many years at Troutman Sanders LLP (the successor to Mays & Valentine LLP). Matthew Farley, Jane Schwarzschild and Garrett Horsley, also formerly of Troutman Sanders, Maureen Ackerly, formerly with McGuireWoods, and Molly McEvoy, formerly with Williams Mullen, have since joined the firm and are partners. Brandy Burnett, formerly with McGuireWoods, Jennifer Whitlock and Emily Talbott are associates.

Our clients also are well served by our experienced non-attorney professionals. Carol Taylor, fiduciary advisor, has over forty years of experience in administering estates and trusts with Mays & Valentine and Troutman Sanders. Carol also has served as executor and trustee for numerous clients. Victoria Hamrick has seventeen years of estate and trust administration experience with us and as a paralegal with Williams Mullen.

Estate planning often involves the transfer and management of assets during lifetime as well as properly passing assets to the next generation at death. Our clients are driven by both tax and non-tax goals – avoiding or minimizing estate, gift, and generation-skipping transfer taxes as well as family considerations that call for carefully tailored dispositions of property. These factors and others are an integral part of every estate plan we prepare.

Planning for the disposition of family wealth is only half of the equation – every estate plan eventually has to be administered to carry out the client’s wishes. Because good execution is just as important as proper planning, we often serve as executor or trustee when requested to do so. We also regularly advise family members and others who are tasked with administering an estate or trust.

Sometimes even the best planning and administration cannot prevent disputes regarding an estate or trust. In those circumstances we assist our clients in reaching an appropriate settlement or, if necessary, represent them in court.



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